Logistics at the trying times of COVID 2021

The 215 billion dollar Indian Logistics industry has been through a roller coaster from the start of March 2020, when the first month-long nationwide lockdown was implemented in an attempt to control the spread of the novel coronavirus or better known as COVID 19. 

With the fast-changing demographics of the country, the Indian economy has had a relatively high compounded as well as simple average growth rate, estimated to grow in double digits, with the logistics industry being a significant contributing factor in the same.

The second wave of the novel virus with its multiple mutational forms has had a far worse impact, resulting in the present lockdowns in several states such as Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and several more. Nonetheless, with the exponential increase of the vaccination drive in the country, the impact, as well as the significance of the efficacy of the best international courier services in Delhi, has also risen multifold.

The effective, timely, as well as efficient distribution of medications, oxygen cylinders, vaccinations, medical equipment, and several other medical as well as non-medical necessities, has helped save many lives, even if they're still might be some scope for improvement.   

Nonetheless, the curfew, as well as the following lockdown in the country, has significantly curtailed the freedom of movement of goods of non-essential products as well as services in both inter as well as intrastate. Such limitations as well as vague definitions of what constitutes essential goods, especially in the continuously evolving demographic, geographical, seasonal as well as regional variations pan India, have caused a few additional problems especially in the case of several e-commerce conglomerates including prominent examples such as Flipkart, Amazon and many other international courier services in Delhi. 

An apt example of the aforementioned problem would be lack of clarity by the state as well as central government alike if air conditioning, fans and coolers transportation, and international courier services Delhi constitute a part of essential services in summer in the previously discussed state.

Nevertheless, even with the economic crash in all sectors, the Indian logistics sector has played an important role in the ultimate survival as well as contributed to the recovery of the same in the view of several leading national and international analysts and economists. 

Hence, to conclude in layman’s terms, the Indian logistics sector, with special limelight on the national as well as international courier services in Delhi have held significant power while residing at the core of the storm well known to us as COVID 19 in the trying times of 2021, while making impactful waves. As the success and progress of the given industry is also responsible for determining our response to this pandemic, hence any policy decisions taken at micro as well as macro levels in concern of the same necessitate a critical examination by experts.