The Forked Path Of Logistics

The pandemic has successfully pushed every industry to its breaking point, bringing to light innumerable consequences and shortcomings for each and logistics isn’t any different in such a scenario. With even leaders, like the DHL courier services in Delhi, also facing a progressively increasing multitude of problems in the contemporary world driven by principles of environmental preservation alongside the crossroad of speed, Logistics stands at a fork road. As a leading producer and contributor of the global carbon footprint, the industry finds itself in fix, especially with the rising expectations not only of governments and environmentalists but also consumers and the future stakeholders of society.


Such demand has only been enunciated by wants of transparency and accountability. As customer tolerance for time delays continues to diminish due to rising performance expectations, individualization of transportation services is expected to become a larger business area for Logistics. Businesses including moguls such as FedEx courier services in Delhi may need to offer several transportation routes with various speeds in order to give customized solutions that meet individual expectations. To ensure better flexibility in their operations, they'll have to develop more efficient routes and have higher utility fuel, which will have an impact on the environment.


The waves of the pandemic have strengthened both narratives and forced logistic companies to look for solutions that not only provide quality, prompt and progressive services without harming the environment but also being proactively nature friendly. The development or the re-characterization of existing technologies will define the way for logistics in this new era!

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