The Logistics Trends Of 2021 BY DispatchEx

In the past decade, we have witnessed tremendous advancements in areas of artificial and augmented intelligence, sophisticated analytics, and automation, to mention a few. Post the second quarter of the pandemic year of 2021, companies such as DHL courier services in Delhi have employed unique combinations of such advancements in order to manifest multi-fold efficiency in logistics and supply chains. Some of these major trends include:


  1. Green Logistics:

Sustainability is exactly a brand new concept for us. Nonetheless, new efforts are being made regularly to optimize the techniques adopted to achieve the goal. While becoming greener and contributing to the environment is beneficial to the environment, the main incentive for our capitalist society most likely stems from the benefits of cost-effectiveness, promotion of customer loyalty, boosts in growth, alongside better recruitment pools.


2021, has borne witness to the quick development of value chains for improved energy management systems and electric and solar-powered cars that reduce their overall carbon footprint. Supply Chain Executives have also shifted their focus from “fulfillment” and “cost efficiency” to being a part of the nexus of modern sustainability. The adoption of circular supply chains has also become a significant contributor.


  1. Contact-less Delivery:

Customers today are looking for order flexibility and hence prioritize businesses such as FedEx courier services in Delhi that can deliver an omnichannel experience. Customers demand alternatives whether it is an online or in-store experience; delivery, in-store or curbside pickup, or pick up at another location are all increasingly commonplace. Logistics and supply chains are in charge of ensuring that orders from all channels are consistently fulfilled. No-contact delivery, which includes a variety of drop-off delivery alternatives, is the new normal, owing to the client's wishes to avoid physical touch.

In fact, robotics-based delivery has started its trial phase in several countries.


  1. The introduction of 5G:

Technology has historically set precedence for transportation, and 5G will only carry this legacy forward. Cargo can be fitted with low-cost, low-power sensors that monitor items from the manufacturing floor, through the shipping process, to the warehouse, and finally to the shop shelves, producing a reliable record of each item's trip. Driverless transportation is likely to become a reality thanks to 5G, which will have a significant influence on the logistics business.


Our team at Dispatch Ex keeps working tirelessly not only to determine the changes but execute them to ensure the most satisfactory and secure experiences for our valued consumers. Stay tuned for more interesting tidbits!